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Section 1 : Introduction

  • Introduction
  • History of ODOO

Section 2 : Technical Fundamentals of ODOO Addons

  • Addon's module structure and manifest file usage.
  • Writing your first module.
  • The first module writes the relation field with fields, views, function, and menu.
  • Widgets and controls in UI
  • Domain - dynamic UI bivivisions with structure, modules, ATTRS and Onchange.
  • Views, view attribute, diagram view, graph view, calendar view.
  • Model and class-level attributes
  • Creating a base module
  • Fields parameters.
  • Complex fields.
  • Design the Kanban views
  • Introduction to constraints, SQL constraints, automatic reserve fields
  • .

Section 3 : Inheritance

  • Modifying Existing Models, Inheritance

Section 4 : ORM Models

  • Traditional ORM methods
  • Advanced ORM methods
  • A procedure from the GUI is followed by a method of follow-up
  • API decorations in ODOO, the difference between the previous version and the odoo calls
  • The most used API decorations
  • Relational Field Operations with the API
  • Review of commonly used ORM modes
  • PMS editing and expression

Section 5 : Different types of Button and overview of linked views

  • Various types of buttons and linked views
  • Creates demonstration data and sequence
  • Creating wizards

Section 6 : Web Services

  • Web services
  • Payment Gateway Integration Guide
  • ODOO Server Parameters and Configuration

Section 7 : Odoo Security

  • Security at Odoo from UI
  • Security in ODOO using Module

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