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Module 1: Introduction to Content writing

  • What is Content writing?
  • Essential of Content writing
  • Content writing Life cycle
  • Process of information Collection

Module 2: What to know before writing

  • Usage of Business Communication
  • Branding and its impact on writing
  • Portraying Business objective through Content
  • Delivering Content in different formats

Module 3: Blog writing

  • Selecting a topic and Outline
  • Undertaking related search
  • Writing Headlines
  • Writing the Blog Draft
  • Rewriting/Ending the Blog Post
  • Optimizing the Blog Post

Module 4: Website Content Writing

  • Introduction to Website
  • Developing Sitemaps
  • Structuring Wireframes
  • Writing Content For Website
  • Rewriting/Editing Content

Module 5: Proposal Writing

  • Introduction to Business Proposal
  • Stating the problems
  • Proposing the Solutions
  • Including Schedule and Budget
  • Writing Conclusion

Module 6: Writing For Public Relations(PR)

  • Introduction to Public Relations
  • Importance of Writing Public Relations
  • Writing Media Briefs
  • >Writing Press notes & Press Releases
  • Writing Content for Medial/Press Kits

Module 7: Writing For Brochures

  • Introduction to Brochures
  • Developing the Structure and Strategy
  • Writing Content for Pamphlets
  • Writing Content for Marketing Folders
  • Writing Content Brochures/e-BOOKS

Module 8: Writing Social Media Posts

  • Introduction to Social Media posts
  • Writing for Facebook Posts, Pages, Events
  • Writing for Watsapp
  • Writing for Twitter
  • Writing for Linkedin Pages
  • Writing for Instagram

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  • Content Writer
  • Technical Writer
  • Digital Content Writer
  • Copywriter
  • Content Manager
  • Blog Writer
  • Digital Content Executive
  • Content Strategy Specialist
  • Content Developer
  • Freelance Content Writer
Content/Technical Writing internship jobs in Qatar

Content/Technical Writing Internship/Course Details

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There used to be import and export of valuables and artifacts from around the world to this port village.

. India, China,and Africa are only a few to name. Just a one hour journey away from the futuristic Doha, Zubarah is nothing like the capital. It showcases centuries old Arabian Gulf life around the port.

Earlier known to the world as a fishing and pearling village, Zubrah is now one of UNESCO’s largest heritage sites. UNESCO has named it one of the best preserved examples of centuries old Gulf marchant towns. Trade operations were carried out from Zubarah to many world trade giants of the past century. While Doha flashes bright with its modern sleek buildings and latest motor vehicles, Zubara is reveling in its glorious past. Once an important center for international trade links, Zubarah, rose to prominence after being founded by marchants in the mid 18th century.

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