List of Multimedia Courses In Qatar/Internship

Adobe After Effects Training in Qatar

Adobe After Effects

We offer internship and training on Adobe After Effects online live classes for video editing

Adobe Dreamweaver Training in Qatar

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is the best tool for making website templates/web pages. Join our live Training

Adobe Illustrator Training in Qatar

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator training and internship on real time works with the help expert designers

Adobe InDesign Training in Qatar

Adobe InDesign

Make logos, brochures, images and graphics using adobe inDesign. join our online training courses!

Adobe Photoshop Training in Qatar

Adobe Photoshop

Nestsoft offers Adobe Photoshop Online training with help of industry experienced graphic designers

Adobe Premier Pro CC Training in Qatar

Adobe Premier Pro CC

Adobe Premiere Pro CC training course for video/film editing by industry experts on live works

Adobe XD Training in Qatar

Adobe XD

Join Adobe XD Courses to master the graphics, web design and UI design by experts

AutoCAD Training in Qatar


Training on AutoCAD 2d 3d drawings with drafting software for construction, electrical, mechanical a

Autodesk 3Ds Max Training in Qatar

Autodesk 3Ds Max

Join Autodesk 3Ds Max online live training for individuals and groups by industry experts

Autodesk Maya Training in Qatar

Autodesk Maya

Join Autodesk Maya online live Training for 3D Animation, Modeling, Simulation & Rendering Software

Canva Training in Qatar


It is very simple way to make posters for websites, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube by Canva. Join Now!

CorelDRAW Training in Qatar


Want to expert on CorelDRAW, a vector graphics and bitmap image editor software. Join now!

Final Cut Pro X Training in Qatar

Final Cut Pro X

Want to master in Final Cut Pro? Join our FCP online live training by video editing experts

UI/UX Design Training in Qatar

UI/UX Design

Practical training on UI/UX Design course contains graphics, html5, css, javascript, jquery etc.

Web Design Training in Qatar

Web Design

Website Designing (Web Design) training includes HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Photoshop, Web Hosting, Drea


Success Stories

The enviable salary packages and track record of our previous students are the proof of our excellence. Please go through our students' reviews about our training methods and faculty and compare it to the recorded video classes that most of the other institutes offer. See for yourself how TechnoMaster is truly unique.

List of IT Institutes/Companies in Qatar

  • NorthfieldTrainingCenter | Location details: VILLA 128, ZONE 45, STREET #700، MATAR QADEEM Jaber Bin Hayyan St, Doha, Qatar | Classification: Training centre, Training centre | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline): +974 5000 6658
  • QatarKickboxingClub | Location details: first floor, Al Muftah Plaza, Ahmed BinTaymiya St, Doha, Qatar | Classification: Muay Thai boxing gym, Muay Thai boxing gym | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline): +974 3361 7726
  • FerrandTrainingCenter | Location details: 116 Haloul St, Doha, Qatar | Classification: Training centre, Training centre | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline): +974 4488 9858
  • ExecutiveTrainingSolutions | Location details: Commercial Bank Plaza Level 14، Doha, Qatar | Classification: Consultant, Consultant | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline): +974 4452 8068
  • DurkhanHospital | Location details: CQ8F+MQX, Dukhan, Qatar | Classification: Hospital, Hospital | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline):
  • AlKhidmaSystems | Location details: 202, Al Bustan Building No.14, Doha, Qatar | Classification: Software company, Software company | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline): +974 7754 4243
  • QNBATMQatarFoundationConventionalCentre | Location details: Al Luqta St, Ar-Rayyan, Qatar | Classification: ATM, ATM | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline): +974 4440 7777
  • SPARCTECHNOLOGIES(SparcTech)-ITServicesAndSolutionsCompany | Location details: Al-Mamoura Plaza, Abu Hamour Office #46, Floor #2, Doha, Qatar | Classification: Business networking company, Business networking company | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline): +974 5566 7714
  • QatarCricketAssociationOffice | Location details: Old Airport، Doha, Qatar | Classification: Registry office, Registry office | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline): +974 4494 4941
  • FamilyComputerServiceDivision | Location details: 01Mall، Wadi Al Shaheeniya St, Doha, Qatar | Classification: Computer repair service, Computer repair service | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline): +974 4432 5634
  • QatarIntegrationSystems | Location details: t, Behind Qatar Petroleum, Near Al ArSafwan Streeabi Stadium, الدوحة،, Qatar | Classification: Security system installer, Security system installer | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline):
  • NetworksElectrical&MechanicalCo. | Location details: Street 45،, Qatar | Classification: Group accommodation, Group accommodation | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline): +974 4000 9400
  • RootsEnergyAndEngineeringServices(camp) | Location details: CVWH+M93, Bir Zekrit, Qatar | Classification: Camp, Camp | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline):
  • UCMASQATAR | Location details: D Ring Rd, Doha, Qatar | Classification: Education center, Education center | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline): +974 4466 2412
  • FutureGateSoftware | Location details: Al Muthaf St , Al Aqaria Tower 11th Floor، Doha, Qatar | Classification: Computer consultant, Computer consultant | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline): +974 4431 5819
  • TharbHospital | Location details: Unnamed Road, Qatar | Classification: Hospital, Hospital | Visit Online: | Contact Number (Helpline):
 courses in Qatar
Just a one hour journey away from the futuristic Doha, Zubarah is nothing like the capital.

Earlier known to the world as a fishing and pearling village, Zubrah is now one of UNESCO’s largest heritage sites. Once an important center for international trade links, Zubarah, rose to prominence after being founded by marchants in the mid 18th century. Trade operations were carried out from Zubarah to many world trade giants of the past century. India, China,and Africa are only a few to name. There used to be import and export of valuables and artifacts from around the world to this port village. It showcases centuries old Arabian Gulf life around the port. UNESCO has named it one of the best preserved examples of centuries old Gulf marchant towns. While Doha flashes bright with its modern sleek buildings and latest motor vehicles, Zubara is reveling in its glorious past.


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